About Me

John R. Mosby


John R. Mosby graduated from Grand Canyon University with a degree in Vocal performance in 2018. John discovered his passion for music early in kindergarten music class and was consistently a member of choir throughout his schooling. In college, John developed a love for music theory and rapidly became the music theory tutor on his college campus. It was during this time also that he began to fall in love with music theater, opera, and oratorio works, being cast in a number of shows. Shortly after graduation from college, John realized his love for teaching voice alongside music theory as he assisted an elementary school musical performance. 

Mosby Music LLC.


Mosby Music offers private vocal instruction for all voice types. Operating with husband and wife duo John and Kylie Mosby offer vocal coaching for male and female voices in all ranges. John provides private tutoring in music theory. Theory tutoring can range from young students desiring to learn and understand music to college students seeking extra assistance in music theory courses.

Mosby Music Philosophy


At Mosby Music, we believe that anyone has the ability to learn to make music and train to be a well-rounded musician and singer, in spite of natural ability, or lack thereof. In line with this philosophy, we are welcome to taking on students who desire to become professional, enjoy making music in their off time, or simply want to be a better singer for their own sake! All are welcome and encouraged to join us to grow and train music skills.